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FACT Zimbabwe is a Christian-based national organisation working in and through partnerships to improve health and reduce poverty among people affected by HIV and related issues in Zimbabwe and beyond.


 Equity and Justice – Love and Compassion – Integrity – Transparency and Accountability – Acceptance and Inclusion


The Safeguarding and Sustainable Livelihoods pillar continue to reach out to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), adolescents, youth and their families in Zimbabwe with programmes that seek to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS by providing a comprehensive and sustainable continuum of services. The pillar is implementing five-year-long programs (2022-2027), the Sustaining Prevention, Increasing Access to Care and Empowerment for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (SPACE for OVC) and the DREAMS- Support, Maintain, Advocate, reduce Risk and Transform (SMART) Girls which are follow on programs after the CHILDREN TARIRO (2015-2022) and DREAMS initiative (2016-2022).


Guided by the Zimbabwe National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan (ZNASP IV 2019 -2023), Pillar 2 seeks to reduce HIV risk among vulnerable groups which include women, men, youth, the disabled and children also empowering these groupings to claim their right to access a critical continuum of services. The listed units under H & W directly provide services and support in areas where FACT Zimbabwe operates

Health and Wellbeing Units

  • HIV Testing and Counselling services (New Start Centres)
  • Adolescent and Young People Interventions
  • Church Communities Programs


FACT Zimbabwe through the Strategic Information and Research (SIR) department has made significant strides in ensuring enhanced service delivery over the years through a comprehensive system that allows project-based tracking, collection, analysis and dissemination of experiences and good practices. The SIR department is responsible for designing and carrying out baseline surveys, operational research, and mid and end-term surveys for the organization and partners.


The Organisational Efficiency and Effectiveness (OEE) Is the service hub of the organisation which has a staff composite of Accounting, Finance, Human Resources Management, Logistics and other support services required by the organisation. The department advises on effective resource mobilisation and utilisation of resources through high ethical and quality monitoring of operations in accordance with finance and administration regulations. The OEE strives to ensure optimum utilisation of the available human capital with an effective utilisation of financial and material utilisation.


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A Little About FACT Zimbabwe

FACT Zimbabwe is a Christian national development NGO based in Zimbabwe. It implements sustainable development initiatives to improve people’s livelihood, Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH), HIV Prevention, HIV and AIDS care and support as well as health activities that complement Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. Established in 1987, FACT is the country’s first AIDS service organization (WO 17/89). FACT implements projects through partnering with communities and other players in development and public health.

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